Safety, Quality and Environment

Our aim is to reach the highest standards of quality, always taking care of the health and the safety of our employees, as well as respecting the environment. We are proud of our certifications, since they testify the quality and honesty of our work. We believe in the following concepts:

Health & Safety

It is a company’s priority to protect its own employees health, safety and welfare. Safety is an essential part of LODI. We’re continuously undertaking to do researches for constant improvement. The safety of our employees, who undergo persistent training, has always been a top priority.

LODI commits to promoting and reinforcing a culture of working being safe, developing risk awareness and supporting responsible behavior from all employees, in full compliance with the laws in force. A safe environment and secure working practices positively affect the quality of the job, preventing undesirable accidents.


Quality is not only our first and primal goal, but also our management strong style and belief. Since 2003, all the manufacturing areas are compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 Standard, which guarantees that every single step of the productive process is controlled with modern instruments and monitored through specific procedures.


Our environmental commitment is to respect nature, preventing and reducing the environmental impact of our processes. Our dedication goes farther than simply accomplishing the law. Since 2013, Lodi has adopted the ISO 14000 standards, a volunteer certification which provides practical tools for companies and organizations looking to manage their environmental responsibilities.