Mission and Values


To have specialized knowledge and mastery in solving every kind of problem of the mechanical carpentry field.

To gain customer satisfaction through our innovative approach and ability to meet the customer needs.

To be competitive.


Providing customer value, improving our products, raising the standards of the field in which we operate and supplying customized tools to be installed in pre-assembled groups of components.


The company values denote the company identity, helping business orientation, strategic choices and policies; they not only represent the ethical responsibility we feel toward the society as a whole, but also are they the guiding principles which day by day inspire our organizational approaches.

  • Innovation throught Tradition: Gained in more than 50 years of experience, the tradition of quality and proficiency in the field is a guarantee of reliability for a company that focuses on both innovation through technological investment and continuous staff training financing.
  • Customer-centered: We take care of our customers by offering an excellent product and by creating synergies through continuous collaborations, in order to assist them before, during and after the sales.
  • Honesty: Our first investment is in loyalty and honesty. The company’s aim is to realize growth and development by obeying the rules, respecting the environment and promoting health and safety.