About us

LODI is a company located in Fabbrico (Reggio Emilia). Since 1958 it has been producing light mechanical carpentry for commercial machines, tractors and earth-moving machines.

Born from the intuition and determination of its founder Luigi, the company has relentlessly evolved, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by a growing economy.

The founder’s four sons, Elios, Enzo, Giuseppe and Nino, who have administered the company’s development with great passion, now support their six sons, to whom they have left the operational management of a modern 10.200m² (2ac) establishment (built on a 24.000m²(4ac) area) with 140 employees.

The prompt and progressive ability to manage the generational passages within the company, a shared and shrewd strategic policy, and the continuous attention addressed on the process of innovation, have been the keystones to guarantee continuity through time and development.

LODI is today a strategic partner for the most prestigious world brands in the tractor sector, backing up the customer both as a supplier of standard products, and as an essential partner consultant for all kinds of mechanical carpentry troubleshooting.

The main product categories developed within our framework are: pedals and pedal-keys, front fender spindles and fixed supports, whole axles for two-wheel drive tractors and crankshaft for the agricultural field; pedals, pedal-keys and rear axles for material handling forklift trucks.

All of the above mentioned is the result of Lodi brothers’ experience in the field , the technological know-how and professionalism of the company employees, and years of hard work.